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          Saint-Gobain launches new digital platform

          Post Time:May 12,2022Classify:Industry NewsView:943

          Saint-Gobain is upgrading its digital communication tools and launching a new website. With more intuitive ergonomics and a resolutely modern design, it is based on a completely revised architecture that provides better readability of the Group’s news, strategy and challenges to highlight the Group’s vision and commitments to sustainable construction.

          The Group has also completely overhauled its Digital Web ecosystem to standardize its brand experience for viewers. Thee new Saint-Gobain digital platform consists of:

          • Corporate website www.saint-gobain.com

          • a variety of business-focused country websites

          • Collaborative extranet available to the Group’s 166,000 employees.

          This new digital platform fully supports the Group’s purpose, “Making the World a Better Home,” its vision of being the worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction and its “Grow & Impact” strategic plan.

          Through its eco-design and accessibility, the Saint-Gobain.com digital interface is designed to show the commitment of Saint-Gobain and its employees to a more sustainable world. Users can consult website pages:

          • by default, in a graphically optimized version to facilitate reading;

          • or in dark mode, the more environmentally-friendly option saving on terminal and screen battery use.

          Search engine optimized, the digital platform is more minimalist, functional, interactive to make information visible, readable and facilitate its consumption through a new User Experience and optimized User Interface:

          • A platform accessible on all media in full Responsive Design

          • Enhanced digital accessibility for better reading comfort

          • An ease of use through an attractive design

          • A modernized, more attractive, more accessible, more engaging interface, supported by a new robust technical base

          • Optimized navigation and a simplified tree structure

          To complete this digital tool, the Saint-Gobain Group’s website has been enhanced with an online magazine to offer a stimulating, engaging and inclusive experience, reflecting the Group’s values and identity, in order to understand, be amazed, meet, question and decipher…

          • From construction issues to industrial challenges, from science to the company of tomorrow to major social issues: Saint-Gobain takes you on a journey to discover the world as it is being built.

          • Stories and lively content (podcasts, articles, LinkedIn forums, dossiers, curation of external content, etc.) from the field, highlighting the Group’s employees and commitments.

          This new platform reaffirms the Group’s identity, its values and difference by bringing its purpose to life digitally.

          • An experience that demonstrates the relevance and technical and environmental performance of our local solutions through a globe application that encourages discovery and allows you to go directly to the heart of our projects.

          • New infographics illustrate our solutions in an educational way to engage audiences while being more accessible.

          • An editorial production that highlights the testimonies of customers, experts,  employees and ambassadors, who bring all the Group’s actions to life.

          • News to illustrate the daily actions of the Group, in particular our capacity to innovate
            for sustainable construction solutions and solutions in favour of decarbonization.

          • The whole interface is designed and articulated around a design system of optimized components in order to save energy on our servers, and to keep a graphic and ergonomic homogeneity.

          Finally, Saint-Gobain’s new digital platform aims to promote all those who make up Saint-Gobain, because the main material remains the men and women who are the wealth and strength of the Group.

          Source: glassonlineAuthor: shangyi

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