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            May 25,2022

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            Apr 25,2022

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          Dear producer, We are interested in your glass production services and would like a price estimation.I mail you representing Flame Away; a university-based company in the Netherlands producing a throwable fire extinguisher. We intend to purchase a first batch of 15,000 pieces made of glass in a specific design conforming to specific requirements.

          For the first batch, we expect 15,000 pieces, for the first year we expect 2-3 shipments for a total of 40,000 pieces (excluding the first batch). After this first year, we expect to produce significantly more, but this will depend on sales numbers. Due to the nature of this product, we expect the yearly production to keep increasing in the coming years.

          The product will be (around)) 28 centimetres in height, shaped like a droplet/flame (see attachment). The product shall be permanently sealed after sealing. The sealing can be either screw-based or a cork-based mechanism at the top of the product (to minimise the chance of a leakage). The product lifetime is expected to be multiple decennia. Research showed the best colour of the product to be red or blue; the product can be transparent or semi-transparent or non-transparent, as long as the bright colour is clearly shown. The outside of the product must not be slippery, some roughness for grip is desired, but it does not need to be visible. The product should be easily breakable; the thickness of the product (except for the location where it will be sealed) shall be 1.8 -0.3 mm.

          Due to the nature of the product, we would have to quality control the product using a test batch. The test batch will have to be between 10-100 pieces to assure the product works properly (confirming the thickness, the consistency and that the reaction to the colour and shape matches our research).

          We would love to further discuss a deal and are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Kind regards, Max Nijman.

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